Fire Alarms

Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are very important for many buildings and homes across the UK as it ensures the safety and protects individuals from fire and smoke.

Smoke Detector Systems

Smoke Detector Systems

You may need specialists to install, test and maintain your alarm systems to make sure that they work effectively and are performing well.

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire Alarm Maintenance

Maintaining your system is just as important as installing your alarm as you need to make sure they are performing well to protect individuals from fire and smoke.

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Fire Alarm Maintenance

Fire alarms are very important for all homes as they can ensure the safety of yourself and your family. Around 600,000 times a year the fire services are called to homes, properties and surrounding areas to protect houses from serious fires that could result in death. By law, as a landlord you should have at least one working fire alarm on each floor of the property and test them regularly to avoid the chances of facing a £5,000 fine. As specialists we are expert suppliers and installers of fire alarms and can help you receive all the right knowledge needed for your home.

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Fire Alarm Testing

It is very important for your safety to have a fire alarm in place in both homes and commercial properties. However if the alarm is not working, then it's useless. This is why testing your alarms at least once a month or even once a week is very important to protect your family from serious harm and potential risk. To do this you can press and hold the test button on the smoke detector which will then start a siren, indicating that the alarm is working. However if there is no loud alarm, or the noise is very weak, you will know that the smoke detector is not working and that you need to replace the batteries. It's very simple for you to test your alarm, however as experts we're able to carry out this service for you to ensure you are doing it right and give you extra protection. Safety is not something that you can risk, so get in touch with us today if you feel your smoke detector is in need of a test or you would like to know more about how to carry out the process. 

Servicing Fire Alarms Near Me

Not everyone knows this but servicing you fire-alarm can be just as important as testing it. As specialist smoke alarm experts, we could come to your home or commercial property and service your alarm to ensure that it's working to its full potential. To do this you should vacuum the smoke detector to ensure that there is no dust that is on the sensors which could potentially be a hazard and reduce the chances of the system working correctly. If you would like help with the maintenance of the detectors in your home we are here to help and can carry out this service for you.  

Installation Company

We're a specialist fire alarm installation company that can make sure that the smoke detectors are working correctly and protecting your home from the risk of fire. In commercial buildings near me, it's important that there are smoke detectors in place to ensure the safety of your customers and yourself. By law you have to have the alarms in place and working correctly otherwise you could face a large fine. It may be more cost effective for you to have one of our specialists come to your property and ensure that your smoke detector is installed, tested and maintained properly, rather than have to pay a fine if you are found with a faulty system.

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Engineer Costs

The price to have one of our specialists come to your property can vary depending on many factors. If you're looking to purchase and install a fire alarm the price will be more than if you're wanting to just have your alarm tested or serviced. If you've got a budget that you want to stick with, we may work with you to find a cost that is closest to your budget and that you are happy with. We understand that safety is the most important factor for many homes, commercial buildings and surrounding areas which is why we offer a price that is reasonable for everyone. Another factor that can impact the engineer costs is the amount of alarms and detectors you would like installing or testing. Obviously more alarms would cause the cost to be higher. 

Fire Alarm Service

As professionals we work in a range of locations across the UK to make sure the safety of everyone within a property. We work in a range of properties including small homes or buildings to larger properties and centres. Many people fail to look after their systems as they are easy to forget and you may think that fires won't occur in your building. However fires can strike in any room, at any time and so you should protect everyone's safety at all times with working smoke detecors.

If you'd like to find out more regarding the fire alarm systems that we offer simply get in touch with us today. As specialists we can give you great advice on what sort of alarm would be best for your property, as well as install, test and maintain the system. We're happy to help whenever possible so just fill out the contact form above if you would like to find out more about what we can offer you.