HVAC Engineers

HVAC Engineers

We are specialist engineers at installing and maintaining the HVAC system to ensure that the temperature within the building is at a heat that suits you.

Heating Systems

Heating Systems

HVAC systems can be used in homes and commercial building which allows the heating and cooling be adaptable to how people are feeling.

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

Along with heating, ventilation and air conditioning services we can also provide chlorination services and pre-commission cleaning.

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HVAC Engineers

As specialist HVAC Engineers we can be an M&E installer on a new build project, a landlord troubleshooting issues with an existing building, or a design consultant seeking validation of their next project, all can be assured that we will meet their requirements and more. Offering services throughout the UK we are a one stop shop for all your heating, ventilation and air conditioning needs. We are specialised independent Commissioning, Water Treatment and Chlorination service experts who can provide amazing costs because carry works out inhouse. Fill in our contact form today to get our best prices or if you require any design / specification from us.

What is HVAC Commissioning?

HVAC commissioning is the process of controlling and monitoring the heat ventilation air conditioning system. We look to meet the owners standards and requirements by ensuring that the HVAC system is working correctly and operating in a way that is suited for the owner. You can commission the ventilation system for new builds that are installing HVAC, existing buildings with new HVAC systems as well as re-commissioning a system that has already been commissioned.

HVAC is an important part of residential structures such as single family homes, apartment buildings, hotels and senior living facilities, medium to large industrial and office buildings such as skyscrapers and hospitals, and in marine environments, where safe and healthy building conditions are regulated with respect to temperature and humidity, using fresh air from outdoors.

Independent Water Treatment Specialists

We are independent water treatment specialists nearby. Since we work nationwide, you are sure to find water treatment specialists local to you. We offer consulting services as well as the water treatment itself. We make use of a range of specialist chemicals and water softeners and can complete ligionella risk assessments and control systems. We work with a number of people including industrial and commercial companies.

Water treatment involves making water more acceptable for an end use such as drinking, industrial water supply, irrigation and more. The process of water treatment which we carry out includes removing or reducing the concentration of contaminants and other unwanted components so that the water is suitable for its end use. For more information on our water treatment services, please fill in our enquiry form provided and we will respond.

Chlorination Services Near Me

If you have searched for 'chlorination services near me' we get our specialists in surrounding areas to add chlorine or hypochlorite to the water. Chlorine is highly toxic which is why chlorination services are used to kill bacteria and microbes in tap water. This also prevents a number of waterborne diseases including cholera, dysentery, typhoid and much more. We have carried out a range of chlorination services over the years and have become experts within the industry. If you need more details on chlorination services please contact us using the form on this page.

Flushing and Pre-Commission Cleaning Near Me

It is becoming increasingly important in recent years for the pre-commission cleaning of heating and chilled water systems. This has been due to things such as blockages, control valves and more. We can carry out flushing and pre-commission cleaning on all new systems to prevent bacteria and other microbes. This can then save time and money in the future. Pre-commission cleaning can also control corrosion and extend the lifetime of the equipment. We have worked inside the industry for a number of years and have become experts when it comes to flushing and pre-commission meaning you can be certain you will receive top quality results.

UK Projects

We are pleased to cover the full spectrum of projects from small fit-out contracts to large scale hospitals, government buildings, airports and a full range of commercial office blocks.' This meaning we understand the security and logistics of sensitive buildings and work areas, but also know how to get in and get the job done on smaller, tighter programmes.

Commissioning Specialists Association

The Commissioning Specialists Association (CSA) is the only body within the UK aimed specifically at developing and improving the commissioning function to provide building users, consultant engineers, main contractors and installation companies with a professional, quality service carried out by trained and experienced staff.

The Commissioning Specialists Association is at the forefront of career development and training for the Building Services, Commissioning and HVAC industries. Specialising in Distance Learning, the CSA offer modular courses which allow you to study at your own pace. The CSA will provide you with professionally developed learning materials and the support of expert tutors to help guide you through grades 1-6. These qualifications ensure a consistent and uniform standard for the Commissioning industry. The CSA also publish the Commissioning Engineers Compendium, a comprehensive and useful site reference manual.


The BSRIA association (owned by The Building Services Research and Information Association) are a global strategic market intelligence company. BSRIA has over 25 years experience of researching within the HVAC industry, specialising in global studies on heating, air conditioning, renewables, IT cabling and associated technologies and building controls markets. BSRIA (owned by The Building Services Research and Information Association)  has undertaken research in over 90 countries and employs 30 permanent multilingual staff with over 17 languages being spoken. BSRIA expert consultants have expert knowledge of the markets and keep up-to-date with industry trends. Therefore reports are researched in line with the market demand and interest, allowing clients to create their marketing strategy to keep up with current and future market developments. 

BSRIA offers a wide range of services to help companies improve the design, build and operation of buildings. Our unique blend of product testing and market research can also help manufacturers gain the relevant certification and plan their marketing strategy. Comprehensive analysis is provided in each of our reports, covering key products within any given market and providing you with a complete understanding of market trends, drivers and players. The studies include recommendations to facilitate the planning of your marketing strategy and stay one step ahead of the competition. BSRIA is an ISO 9001 Registered test, instruments, research and consultancy organisation, providing specialist services in construction and building services.