Working at Height Training

Working at Height Training

We offer working at height training in the UK to ensure the correct safety requirements are met with when working at dangerous heights.

PASMA Training

PASMA Training

PASMA training is one of many courses we have to offer. We will make sure that you meet all of the PASMA standards and requirements to ensure your workers are safe.

Safety Certification Costs

Safety Certification Costs

The safety certification costs can vary depending on a number of things. It is vital to get this certificate of achievement to ensure safety of your employees.

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Working at Height Training

We have a number of professional trainers who can offer expert working at height training for a variety of different industries. It is important for anyone who is going to work at heights to receive professional coaching in order to meet up with the work at height regulations. Some of the industries which we offer our coaching services to include scaffolding, fire and rescue, cleaning maintenance, military, police, telecommunications, theatre and more. 

We would be more than happy to offer you information on our coaching if necessary and details on the costs and prices involved. If you'd like to get in touch with our team, please complete the enquiry form provided on this page. Our experts will respond as soon as possible with answers to any questions or queries you may have along with a free quotation for our training services.

IPAF Training Near Me

We can carry out IPAG training local to you and within surrounding areas. We'll get our experts closest to you to come out and provide the training so that your company can carry out work at heights. IPAF is an acronym for International Powered Access Federation and is a recognised governing body that works with powered access equipment.

MEWP Course

MEWP is a mobile elevating working platform in the UK. We offer MEWP courses at reasonable prices and can provide top quality services to help you become professionals when it comes to working at a height. We have had years of experience inside the industry and offer great prices for our MEWP course. Once you pass the MEWP course you will receive a license to allow you to operate the machinery. For more information on MEWP courses please complete the contact box provided and we'll respond as quickly as possible.

PASMA Training Near Me

We also offer PASMA training. This consists of a training scheme which ensures you meet all the standards set out by PASMA. We will make sure you meet up with all the work at heights essentials. As professionals in the industry, we have carried out a range of PASMA training schemes to get companies to meet the requirements set out by PASMA. We'll get our professionals trainers nearby to come to you to complete the coaching services. If you would like details on how we work, please get in touch now.

Work at Height Requirements

For anyone who works at a height, you will need to comply with the Working at Height Regulations of 2005. These regulations must be followed by all employees to prevent falls and accidents. Some of the things which are included in the requirements are:

  • avoid working at heights if possible
  • use professional work equipment to prevent falls when working at heights is necessary
  • use work equipment to minimise the distance of a fall if you cannot use work equipment to prevent them

It is important for the employer to make certain that nobody works at heights that haven't had the necessary coaching. When we complete our work at height training, we'll make sure to offer supervision at all times in order to avoid any accidents or falls.

Harness Training Companies

We believe we are one of the best harness training companies within the United Kingdom and can help you receive a number of certifications and licenses as soon as possible to ensure your company can carry out work at height promptly. It is important to train your staff to use harnesses effectively to ensure they do not undergo any falls and accidents which could lead to injuries. If you'd like more information on our harness coaching services, simply fill out the enquiry form we have available and we'll respond with more details on the service which we can provide.

Safety Certification Costs

A number of different factors can alter the safety certification costs. One factor is the type of company you are; some businesses will need more coaching than others to receive the certificates - this is because they may be working at more dangerous heights. Another thing which can alter the cost of these accreditations is the time it takes to train your workers. Some may take longer than others. After the correct training has been carried out, your company will receive the appropriate safety certification. For more info on costs, please complete the enquiry form.

Certificate of Achievement

If you're interested in receiving a certificate of achievement for this type of safety, you must complete the necessary coaching. We undertake working at height training and can offer the best prices too. For more info on our services and how to receive the certificate, please fill in our contact form provided and we will reply as soon as possible.